Open Sky House

Vipassana in Germany


Insight into the nature of all things

13 – 15 October (in Hitdorf near Cologne, Germany)
10 – 12 November ( in Denia, Spain )

We are afraid of death, we are afraid of separation, we are afraid of nothingness. But if we look deeply, we realize the incessant change of things and gradually lose our fear.

 -Thich Nhat Hanh

Vipassana in Germany

At Open Sky House near Cologne

Vipassana Island is a great opportunity to understand how your mind and body are operating and to meet yourself in a deep way.

Spend a whole weekend with yourself, sitting in silence in the supportive energy of a meditating group and the energy of the Open Sky House Community who has been practicing this unique form of Vipassana for over 15 years.

The Island consists of a chair, meditation cushion, a back jack, mattress and blankets. A loving helper team will bring you food and take 44 hours care of your needs.


We made an short film of the first moment people open their eyes after 48h of sitting in meditation blindfolded.

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Impressions of the Vipassana Island Weekend

See what is unreal to see what is real

 Discover and connect with the deepest parts of yoursel

Vipassana Weekend germany

Vipassana participants on their Island

You will join a  journey of two days of silence. This means no talking, no phones, and no distractions. By eliminating external stimuli, you can be able to focus your attention inward and explore the sensations of your body, the fluctuations of your mind and emotion, and the nature of your heart.

With the support of the energy of the group and the Open Sky House Community, you will go deeply into the practice. Based on the teachings of the Buddha, Vipassana aims to develop insight into the nature of reality and liberate oneself from suffering. By observing the impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, and non-self of all experiences, you will cultivate equanimity and wisdom.

This weekend is not an escape from reality but an immersion into it. You might face the challenges of the present moment, like discomfort of physical, mental or emotional pain, or the habitual patterns of your mind. However, by meeting these obstacles with courage, compassion, and curiosity you can discover your inner strength, resilience, love, joy, and peace and connect deeply to what is always there and never changes: your True Self.

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.”

– Buddha

The Open Sky House Community around the spiritual teacher John David: Guidance and Support

This strong and loving energy field has many years of experience bringing people back to their essential Nature which is Love and Peace. 

The Open Sky House Community was formed around the spiritual teacher John David who is dedicated to helping people deepen their meditation practice and awaken to their True Nature. Through John David`s energy and guidance, he offers a powerful support system for spiritual seekers who are looking to transform their lives through meditation and Self Inquiry.
His approach to meditation is grounded in the understanding that true spiritual awakening is not just about experiencing temporary states of bliss, but rather about cultivating a deep and lasting transformation in one’s consciousness. He offers a variety of teachings and practices that are designed to help people move beyond their habitual thought patterns and connect with the deeper aspects of their being.



Arrival: Friday afternoon
Start:     Friday 7pm, Silent Dinner and Satsang with John David
End:       Sunday 7pm (who wants, can stay for dinner)

Hitdorf Prices:
230€ incl. accommodation and food
195€ Concession
165€ Students under 27

Spain prices:
140€ incl. accommodation and food
120€ Concession/ Students


+49 (0)2173 4099203
Whatsapp: +49 (0)178 2890814


The retreat takes place in the tranquil beauty of the Open Sky House in Hitdorf, Germany, right on the banks of the river Rhein

between Cologne and Düsseldorf

Rheinstraße 54
51371 Leverkusen

Vipassana Island

13 – 15  Oct 2023 in Hitdorf near Cologne

10 – 12 Nov 2023 in Denia near Valencia 

Here you can reserve your Vipassana Island. We will get back to you soon to send you all details. 

Experience Spiritual Community 

After the Vipassana weekend there is the opportunity to spend a week at Open Sky House, to carry the silence of the weekend into everyday life and bring it into the flow of the community. You can discover a new way of living that nourishes and supports your search for freedom, love and peace.