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Darkness Retreat

“In the embrace of darkness, we can find the light of our true nature.”

– John David

"Immerse yourself in silence:
Your journey to inner peace and self awareness

in a darkness retreat"

Welcome to the darkness retreat of the Open Sky House community. We look forward to guiding you into an extraordinary experience where you will have the opportunity to discover yourself in a whole new way. Our doors are open to all who feel the inner call to go into the darkness to find the light within.

During this journey you may experience some initial challenges, but as the outer sensory veil fades, your mind will become clearer and you will come closer and closer to your true self

Dunkelretreat NRW

The tradition of darkness

Darkness has had its place in different cultures for thousands of years and allows you to connect more deeply with your inner being. Beyond the distractions of everyday life, in an intimate space with yourself, you can explore your thoughts and feelings, gain deep insights, explore the innermost layers of the self and experience a deep nourishing stillness.

“You can call it stillness, emptiness, the self or even God,
where we arrive when we are simply still.
In this place, overwhelming love flows
like a spring from the mountains. “

– John David


In solitude, it is possible to open up to everything that wants to show itself within. Free from external distractions and visual stimuli, it takes you deep within and gives you the opportunity to reconnect with your essence. Meditation and self-enquiry happen very easily in this quiet space.

Retreat Teilnehmer Hanna


“An intense, exciting experience. My whole system slowed down. After 4 days, everything was crystal clear and razor-sharp – as if the veils in front of my eyes had disappeared and a deep relaxation spread more and more.”

Retreat Erfahrungsbericht Simon


“The days in the retreat cellar confronted me with deeply hidden fears and emotions that were intensified by being alone. It was a challenging experience to face these inner conflicts, but in the end it led to a deeper understanding. After some time, I was able to accept everything that was there in love. That felt very healing.”

Meditierende Kashi


“In the beginning, it seemed as if my mind was much more active. The daily conversations with the guide helped me to accept my thoughts and emotions. After a while, I was able to simply dive through and fall into a deep space of stillness and peace. Ultimately, this experience led to a deep connection with my inner essence.”

The retreat cellar

Our retreat cellar exudes a deep sense of calm and is strongly reminiscent of the monastic retreats to which monks or nuns would retreat for deep contemplation and meditation.

Here you will find a soothing and protected space where you can explore your inner world and encounter yourself in depth.

The cellar is equipped with a comfortable bed, chair, back-jack, meditation cushion, yoga mat, meditation area, a table and a toilet.

Raum mit Bett und Waschnebecken, Dunkelretreat
Ramana Maharshi

In a modern ashram

What makes our retreat cellar special is that it is embedded in the energy field of a modern ashram, which opens up a space of depth and transformation in a completely natural way. This intimate retreat is a powerful opportunity for anyone who wants to explore their inner world, find inner peace and deepen their connection to the world.

"Let come what comes, let go what goes, see what remains"

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Dunkelretrat Köln


You can withdraw from the world for a weekend, 4 or 7 days.

Weekend: 240 €
4 nights: 400 €
7 nights: 600 €

Other periods on request.

This price includes accommodation and vegetarian full board.

An additional fasting programme is also possible.

A meeting with John David after the retreat is included.


+49 (0)2173 4099203
Whatsapp: +49 (0)178 2890814


The retreat will take place in the beautiful Open Sky House directly on the banks of the Rhine in Hitdorf

between Cologne and Düsseldorf

Rheinstraße 54
51371 Leverkusen

Darkness Retreat

On request
Write to us if you are interested. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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