You are invited to come and visit the Open Sky House Community as a volunteer or guest!

For all helpers the first week is for free!

Join the field of Silence

Come as a Guest or Helper and join the program and daily activies of the community. You can sleep in the dormitory or rent a private room in our beautiful guesthouse and take part at the communal vegetarian meals.

As a helper you join the workflow of the commnity for 6 hours each day. The first week is for free. After that we ask for a contribution for food of 75€/week.

Together in silence

7:30 – 8:30h

Yoga and Meditation

13:30 – 14:00h


19:00 – 19:45h

Silent Dinner


Evening Program

Discover your Self

In Silence we get in touch with Creativity, Playfulness and our inherent Love. At Open Sky House we encourage all our qualities and Inspiration to be expressed. Regularly we come together for different activities.

Im wöchentlichen Satsang mit John Daviderforschen wir die Wahrheit unseres Seins. A space to become still and connect with a deeper part of yourself. Become aware of what life is really about.

There is also the possibility to book single sessions with John David

From Silence, a deep natural creativity and joy for life arises Together we share what is alive in us and inspire each other with the many different ways of our creativity and aliveness.

Discover your playfulness and power and let everything in you become alive. Authentic Theater is a space to explore inner and outer worlds. Unexpected scenes are played from the aliveness of the actors.

Every two weeks with Indira.

In a space of safety and support and with lots of curiosity we explore how to become more authentic in intimate meetings. We open to a more heartful and deeper contact with each other and ourselves and allow ourselves clear communication. Once a week with Turiya.

Every two weeks with Turiya

Chanting indian Mantras gets the life energy flowing. Thoughts from the daily life dissapate and a space of Silence and Connectedness opens up.

Weekly with the Open Sky House Band

Heart Dances are circle dances from the Sufi Tradition. They are opening our heart and remind us about the fact that life is nothing else than a joyfull and energetic dance.

Every two weekswith Live Musik

Karma Yoga 
Step into the Flow

Open Sky House is open to everybody, who wants to look inside. Karma Yoga is a wonderful way to open your heart, get to know the community and let go of the every day thoughts and concerns. You can discover what a great experience it is to work hand in hand with others and offer your care and energy to the every day flow of the community.

As the physical place needs care and attention, the community needs people who like to work and support through their involvement.
Fields of work are: Support in the kitchen, preparing guest rooms, help in the garden, handyman jobs, special projects, e.g. research, technical support at events and much more.
We are looking for motivated and self-sufficient people with a practical and flexible attitude who will support 6 hours a day. The first week is free.

Exchange on the inner path

When you want to know more about yourself, the community can support your inner search. Next to many silent activities we offer “Buddy support” by a community member to share your inner process and ask questions. With your buddy you can exchange about your inner processes.