Open Sky House

invites you!

For FREE Volunteer Weeks:

20 – 26 March
8 – 14 May
26 June – 2 July

An active week with colourful program

Get to know yourself, have wonderful meetings and dive into the energy of the community.

Find out if you are ready for a new way to live, full of energy

Morning: Yoga and Meditation

Start the day with movement and a focus inside. In the mornings we come together, warm up and align our body and mind.


Meeting with John David

Meet John David who has been teaching meditation and can support you on your inner journey with his clarity and energy.


Daily workflow

Different simple tasks which let you become part of the workflow of the community. That’s how energy gets moving.


Midday: Heartdance

Before Lunch Meditation we practice a circle dance: Opening the Heart, letting go and surrendering!

Mantra Singing

Mantras with the Open Sky Band which bring body, mind and soul into a joyful vibration.


Self Enquiry Workshop

Find out who you really are. Discover the Essence of all spiritual Teachings.


A Transformative Week

Many ways to get to know yourself in a fresh way

Experience Spiritual Communtiy

Bring Silence, Mindfulness and Love into your daily life. Discover how Spirituality can be embodied from day to day. We invite you to take part in the life of the community and the evening activities.

 We invite you to Be as You Are!

Karma Yoga
– Step into the Flow

Open Sky House is open to everybody, who wants to look inside. Karma Yoga is a wonderful way to open your heart, get to know the community and let go of the every day thoughts and concerns. You can discover what a great experience it is to work hand in hand with others and offer your care and energy to the every day flow of the community.

As the physical place needs care and attention, the community needs people who like to work and support through their involvement.
Fields of work are: Support in the kitchen, preparing guest rooms, help in the garden, handyman jobs, special projects, e.g. research, technical support at events and much more.
We are looking for motivated and self-sufficient people with a practical and flexible attitude who will support 6 hours a day. The first week is free.

Living Fully!

Creativity, Authenticity, Music – from Silence

Digesting the spiritual teachings

Love and Peace are our Essence, all else is unnecessary weight which we can let go off This is not easy as we are identified with our weight, which refers to the strategies which we aquired in order to function in our social environments. 

All of these patterns we want to examine. At the core, we want to examine the identification with the question “Who am I”. If this question does not find any answer anymore, our conditioning dissolves and you can discover who you really are in your essence. 


The volunteer week has an active day with regular meditation and time for meditation and stillness

In the evenings we offer Satsang with John David, Workshops, Mantra Singing and Spiritual Films There is space to discover the inner work of the community, to ask questions and discover yourself in different ways.

The week is a great chance to meet the members of the community and exchange.

Here you can find out if you want to take a new step in your life, providing a protective and supportive environment for your inner search for freedom.

We are always open for helpers and new residents who would like to take part and carry a deep longing for peace inside.

You are Welcome!

We look forward to seeing you!