Open Day Weekend


Fri + Sun: Satsang

John David

John David is spiritual guide of the Open Sky House communities in Germany, Ukraine and Spain.

Since 1997 John David has been offering Satsang in many parts of the world – Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia and India. He has the ability to meet everyone where they are in their journey, as he intuitively sees the conditioned structures of your mind that keep you from living in freedom. He can help you remove these overlays.


Saturday + Sunday morning: Yoga and Meditation


We start in the morning focusing inside. Through yoga and meditation, we open our body and mind so that we can start fresh into a colourful day.

Rajen has been practising yoga and meditation for more than 10 years. Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher.
Deeply connected to the Indian yoga tradition and visited many yoga masters there. Peace and love.

Saturday morning: Drumming and Bodypercussion


After a warm-up with body percussion and energizing rhythmic ice breakers, we go for the drums: loud, pleasurable and crazy-sparkly, to sensitive, gentle and earthy pulsing. With lots of fun, creativity and playful curiosity we improvise and enjoy playing easy arrangements.

For 25 years, he has been teaching people of all ages in drumming and creative rhythm work. As a teacher and musician, he loves to enthuse people about the variety and vitality of music.

Saturday morning: Body Painting

Michaela und Mona

With brushes and fingers we dive into the sea of colourful pigments and experiment with colours and shapes. We dedicate ourselves to our feet and put on “colourful socks” with paint. In this creative encounter with yourself and the colours, we get moving together and find our expression in a lively dance.

Saturday afternoon: Painting - Feeling Freedom


In this workshop, we embark on a picturesque adventure journey. Drawing, spatulating, scratching or even painting with our hands, we try to discover inner images and come to free, authentic self-expression.
The workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced.
I am really looking forward to the workshop and the weekend and to getting to know you.

Martin Sieverding, born in Oberhausen in 1961, came to art in a roundabout way after working intensively on architecture and music. As a mixed media artist, he has studios in Duisburg and Mülheim a.d.Ruhr.

Saturday afternoon: Authentic Theater


In the protected space of the “stage” we can trust the moment and surrender to the moment and the natural flow of life. We play with music and neutral masks that amplify the expression and make the “personal” disappear. 

An experimental field for intuitive and creative forms of encounter that arise from the moment, from a space of stillness, innocence and curiosity. This is how pieces develop out of your spontaneous aliveness in contact with others that are unpredictable and unique.

Please wear loose, airy clothes and bring water to drink.

Indira has been fascinated by Fool, Movement, Improvisation, Clown and PlayBack Theatre for more than 30 years, the theatre that emerges from the moment and free improvisation. She has been teaching and working as a clinical clown in hospitals, psychiatric wards and old people’s homes for 20 years.  

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Saturday afternoon: Film about the Community and John David

"The Pointless Joy of Freedom"

This film gives an insight into the life and work of the English spiritual teacher John David, into the workings of his multi-faceted approach to freedom and the way he works with residents who live with him in the Open Sky House Communities. It takes the viewer on a journey through the spiritual world, beginning with curiosity about oneself to understanding what true freedom is.

Saturday Evening: Mantra Concert

Open Sky Band

Singing mantras together opens the Heart. The mind becomes quiet and a space of silence and connection opens.
Mantras are sacred and healing sounds that have been recited and chanted for thousands of years.
Their great spiritual power is difficult to grasp with the mind, but we can experience it directly when we chant.

Sunday morning: Shiatsu Taster Workshop


Shiatsu works with the meridian system and the human energy system.
We do tracking exercises and work with the laying on of hands. Energetic communication through gentle touch promotes self-regulatory powers and resources. Shiatsu works deep into the cells and feelings and leads to more serenity and joy.

Lakshmi, a trained Shiatsu practitioner, likes to get to the bottom of things and focus on a person’s potential.

Sunday morning: 5 Rhythm dance


Bring everything that arises into movement and express it in dance.
The five different rhythms of life free blocked emotions and loosen old patterns.

In Flowing, you bring your body into the flow and perceive what is there,
Staccato invites you to feel your power more intensely and let it out.
in the hot rhythm of chaos, you can let go of everything,
In the lyrical, you experience the joy of the lightness of being.
Enjoy the spontaneity of your movements in every moment
until your dance finally leads you into stillness and gently fades out.

Shiva loves to dance and discovered the 5 rhythms many years ago as an effective method on the path to freedom. He is happy to inspire others with it.

Sunday morning: Magic Voice


In the Magic Voice Workshop, we start with breathing and singing exercises. When the vocal cords are vibrating, we will do partner exercises.
The aim is to make the body vibrate through movement and sound.In the workshop, we learn to use the voice more consciously, to combine sound and feeling, and to give ourselves fully to the music.

Tansen has always been a music enthusiast, studied jazz piano and is a certified ensemble and choir director.

Sunday afternoon: Sound Journey


With melodic improvisations on atmospheric-meditative sound webs, he leads you into deeper relaxation and makes the eternal silence in the background more perceptible.
Maik Müsseler opens up spaces of experience with his sound journeys and makes it easy for listeners to look inwards and let themselves be as they are. He likes to use a wide range of instruments: gong, various flutes, floating synthesizer surfaces, guitar, his voice, etc.