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Indien Retreat 2024 Aftermovie

Spirituelle Kurzfilme: 

Teachings, Inspirations, Motivations

von John David

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Wöchtenliche Zoom Treffen

Donnerstags ab 20:00 Uhr

Neues Buch 

über Selbstverwirklichung

Mantra Musik

mit der Open Sky Band


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Open Day Weekend

A festival of creativity and spirituality

12 – 14 July

We invite you to celebrate with us! During the upcoming open day weekend we will offer various workshops, concerts, spiritual meetings and other activities. The weekend will be a lively celebration and a great opportunity to meet old and new friends and get to know the Open Sky House community. If you like you can come the following week as a helper and participate in our daily flow.


Open Sky House

A spiritual oasis that radiates into the world

19 Years Open Sky House – Satsang and Art Community near Cologne – Be as you are!
Our spiritual community in Germany is a creative place for living awareness and offers a retreat to find peace within yourself. Over many years a powerful energy field of love, silence and creativity has developed here around the Satsang teacher John David.

All Free

Discovering Truth, Beautiful Encounters, Enriching Workshops

Accommodation & Meals

Vegetarian food and dormitory accommodation from Friday to Sunday evening.

Single and double rooms available

You are welcome to invite your friends and family
We are looking forward to seeing you!

Workshops, Yoga & Meditation

We start the day with yoga and meditation. During the day there are various musical, artistic, dance and bodywork workshops. There is something for everyone!

Satsang with
John David

In Satsang with John David we give space for the longing for true freedom. You have the opportunity to ask questions and come a little closer to the truth.

Helper week following

Following the weekend, you can stay for the volunteer week as a helper in the community and discover a whole new way of life. Everyone is welcome


Experience Spiritual Communtiy

After the open weekend there is the possibility to spend a week in the Open Sky House, to carry the silence and creativity of the weekend into your everyday life and to bring it into the flow of the community. Thereby you can discover a new way of living that nourishes and supports the search for freedom, love and peace within you.


Express Your Creativity, get Your Body Moving and let Your Heart Open Up!

Yoga and Meditation

Start the day with movement and focus inward. In the morning we align our body and mind.

Community woche

Meeting with
John David

Meet John David, who can support your path with his clarity and energy.


Before Lunch Meditation we practice a circle dance: Opening the Heart, letting go and surrendering!

Mantra Singing

Mantras with the Open Sky Band which bring body, mind and soul into a joyful vibration

Authentic Theater

Discover your playful power and let everything come alive that is inside you.

Spiritual films

Fascinating films about awakening and spiritual work

Painting workshop

Let colors flow freely – beauty, spontaneity & dynamics

Sound journey

Immerse yourself in deep relaxation and let the wonderful sounds carry you away

Silence Retreat Blue Mountains


Meeting in Presence with Radha. 

Bees and honey

Dive into the world of bees and honey, the healthiest food on the planet

5-Rythmn Dance

dive deep into the body with organic beats

Clay modeling

Transforming phantasy into touchable reality 

Kundalini Meditation

Release Blockages and get your energy fully moving

Acro Yoga

Learn to fly! A playful Yoga Session 


All Infos about the Workshops last year


From recent Open Weekends

Everything practical

When, Where, Who, What - Let's go!


Start: Arrival Friday from 15:00
End: Sunday evening

Price: Free of charge incl. accommodation and food

Single or double rooms are available.


+49 (0)2173 4099203
Whatsapp: +49 (0)178 2890814


The weekend will take place in the beautiful Open Sky House directly on the banks of the Rhine in Hitdorf

between Cologne and Düsseldorf

Sign Up

12 – 14 July 2024

Here you can register and reserve your sleeping place. We will contact you as soon as possible to clarify everything else.