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Theater Workshop

Authentic Theater Workshop



10th March

We discover what is within us

Discover your playful power and let everything that is within you come alive!

The theatre stage is a magical place to enter and explore inner and outer spaces. It serves us as an experimental field, to discover our different facets, to follow our intuition, to play with roles and emotions, to express ourselves more intensely, to expand boundaries with curiosity and (re)discover creative potential. – Everyone is welcome.

The focus is on the joy of playing and playing together.

All feelings are welcome on stage – even those that we don’t notice in our everyday lives or prefer to suppress can be shown here.

This is how your spontaneous liveliness and contact with others create pieces that are unpredictable and unique.

A playful, vibrant and humorous group 

Feelings of Aliveness and Amazement after the play

What you get out of the weekend: 

  • Confidence to express yourself authentically 

  • A deeper understanding about your character

  • Joy to bring playfulness into your daily life

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From Stillness into Movement

The experience of deep silence brings us into a presence that creates the ground for spontaneous and authentic play, beyond wanting to be good, interesting or entertaining.

We use various meditative techniques that help us land in the living NOW – they open up an empty space that is at the same time filled with infinite possibilities.

Indira – has been fascinated by fool, movement, improvisation and clown theatre for 30 years, the theatre that arises from the moment and free improvisation. She is teaching and working as a clinic clown for 20 years. Meditates daily and has lived in the Open Sky House spiritual community for 15 years.


Arrival: from 9am 
Start: 10am
End: 7pm

95€ incl. vegetarian lunch
75€ reduced & students under 27

Overnight stay per night:
Shared room 20€
Single room 35 – 55€

Booking together with rhythm workshop on Sat 9th March • including overnight stay, full board and Friday evening program
Fri 6 p.m. – Sun 7 p.m
230€ standard
195€ students under 27


Tel & Whatsapp:
+49 178 289 0814



The workshop will take place in the beautiful Open Sky House directly on the banks of the Rhine in Hitdorf

between Cologne and Düsseldorf

Rheinstraße 54
51371 Leverkusen

Authentic Theater Workshop​

10th March with Indira

Here you can register for the Theater Workshop. We will contact you as soon as possible to clarify everything else.